General information


  • Location: route du jorat 57, Vers-chez-les-Blanc, 1000 Lausanne
  • Public transport: from Lausanne, take the metro M2 to its terminus “Croisettes”, then the bus line 64 (direction Vulliette/Chalet à Gobet) and stop at “Chalet à Matthey”. Nestlé Research Center is in front of the stop, on the other side of the street. Most suitable departures from Croisettes are at 07:42, 07:57, 08:15 and 08:35.
  • However, since the bus line 64 has limited capacity, we will put in place an additional bus on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings (no bus on Monday for the workshops). The bus company is “Remy voyage” (white bus with green and purple logo) and will have an “Agrostat 2016” sign. This bus will be scheduled as follow :
    • Tuesday 22nd
      • stop at Aquatis hotel at 7:45 am (close to metro station M2 “Vennes”, i.e. the stop before “Croisettes”)
      • then stop at “Croisettes” at 8:00 am (metro M2 terminus)
      • to arrive at the conference at 8:15 am
    • Wednesday 23rd
      • stop at Aquatis hotel at 8:00 am (close to metro station M2 “Vennes”, i.e. the stop before “Croisettes”)
      • then stop at “Croisettes” at 8:15 am (metro M2 terminus)
      • to arrive at the conference at 8:30 am
    • Thursday 24th
      • stop at Aquatis hotel at 8:00 am (close to metro station M2 “Vennes”, i.e. the stop before “Croisettes”)
      • then stop at “Croisettes” at 8:15 am (metro M2 terminus)
      • to arrive at the conference at 8:30 am
    • A bus will also be available after the conferences on Tuesday (18:30), Wednesday (only to go to the social event) and Thursday (after lunch, to go to Lausanne trains station, with a stop at Croisettes)

Monday workshops

  • Morning workshops will start at 9:30, but you are invited to arrive earlier to have enough time for the registration (registration opening at 8:00).
  • Afternoon workshops will start at 14:15


  • The Agrostat symposium opening talk is scheduled at 8:55 am on Tuesday 22nd.
  • You are invited to come earlier for the registration (registration opening at 8:00)

For poster presenters

  • Posters can be installed as soon as you arrive. You can find the place to display each one according to the number attributed to the posters in the confirmation email  for short paper reception (e.g. 1.P1)
  • Each poster presenter is invited to “tease” the audience with a 2’ speech (max) through one slide. This slide can be the poster itself or a dedicated slide.
  • Time slots for the poster teaser sessions:
    • Chemometrics posters (1.P1 to 1.P5): Tuesday 22nd, 10:50 – 11:05
    • Big Data posters (2.P1 to 2.P2): Tuesday 22nd, 15:45 – 15:50
    • Sensometrics posters (3.P1 to 3.P8): Wednesday 23rd, 10:10 – 10:30
    • Risk&Process posters (4.P1 to 4.P3): Thursday 24th, 10:10 – 10:20
    • CorneR posters (R.1 to R.7): Tuesday 22nd, 12:35 – 13:05

For Oral presenters (including regular talks, round tables, invited speakers and 2’ poster teaser talks)

  • Please check the time slot of your presentation in the program
  • Please be sure your presentation is loaded and can be correctly displayed before your session, i.e. at least by the coffee break before your talk.
  • It is also proposed to video record your oral presentation and post it after the conference on the conference website through a SFdS youtube channel. To do so, your approval is requested and you will be invited to sign an approval at your arrival at the conference. This is not mandatory but please consider this could bring additional visibility to your research work.
  • The material of your presentation (slides) will also be posted on the conference website in pdf format.

Publication of your research work in Food Quality and Preference

  • You are invited to publish the research work presented during this conference in the journal Food Quality and Preference (FQP) as well as in Case Studies in Business, Industry and Government Statistics (CSBIGS). In both cases, in order to have the papers reviewed and published as soon as possible, there will be no special edition but a mention that your work was previously presented during Agrostat in the acknowledgment section.
  • Scope of journals:
    • FQP: papers that include some form of human measurement; papers that are limited to physical/chemical measures or the routine application of sensory, consumer or econometric analysis will not be considered unless they specifically make a novel scientific contribution in line with the journal’s coverage.
    • CSBIGS: publish high-quality case studies in modern data analysis ready to use for instruction, training or self-study. The case studies consist of an innovative and interesting well-written presentation of novel statistical techniques applied to known data or of known statistical techniques applied to novel data. The journal is designed to be of interest to anyone wishing to teach or learn modern data analysis – in academic as well as business, industry or government environments. NB: it is request to publish the data with the paper, at least in an anonymous form.

Social event and gala dinner

  • There will be a bus to go from the conference to the social event (visit of the Olympic museum) and the gala dinner will take place at the same place.
  • For people joining only for the gala dinner, there will be no dedicated bus to go, but it is easy to join with Lausanne public transport:
    • metro M2 to its terminus Ouchy
    • Once in front of the lake, turn left and follow the lake for about 500 m to find the Olympic museum
  • After the gala dinner, two buses (22:45 and 23:30) will be available to bring you back to Lausanne downtown (train station), Aquatis, Croisettes, Nestlé Research Center and les Chevreuils hotel.