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Agrostat 2016 (March 21-24), e-Proceedings

14th Symposium on Statistical Methods for the Food Industry

Opening presentations video
Sébastien Marque Video
Nicolas Pineau Video
Andréas Rytz Video
Alexandre Voirin Video
Session I: Chemometrics short paper poster/ slides video
1.IS Invited speaker: Duglas Rutledge (AgroParisTech, France)         Independent Components Analysis : theory, applications and difficulties PDF PDF Video
1.O1 New formulation for multi-block PLS-DA. Application to metabolomics data. Véronique Cariou, El Mostafa Qannari, Mohamed Soumah, Marie-Cécile Alexandre-Gouabau, Thomas Moyon PDF PDF
1.O2 Computation on partitionned matrices in chemometrics and sensometrics. Mohamed Hanafi PDF PDF Video
1.O3 Simultaneous decomposition of multivariate images: Application to near infrared hyperspectral images of wheat. Benoît Jaillais, Eloïse Lancelot, Philippe Courcoux PDF PDF
1.O4 New experimental designs for mixture problems. Aurélie Béal, Charles Gomes, Magalie Claeys-Bruno, Michelle Sergent PDF PDF Video
1.O5 Reconciling mixture designs and factorial designs in order to identify best recipes in a holistic way. Andreas Rytz, Mireille Moser, Mélissa Lepage, Cassandra Mokdad, Marie Perrot, Nicolas Antille, Nicolas Pineau PDF PDF Video
Session II: Big Data short paper poster/ slides video
2.IS Invited speaker: Karl Aberer (EPFL, Switzerland) The Human factor in Big Data Analysis PDF PDF Video
2.O1 Veracity Scoring of Social Media Content. Mark Wolff PDF PDF Video
2.O2 Deploying R&D analytics at the pace of the data-driven business. Adrian Clarke PDF PDF Video
2.O3 The advent of Big Data in Agriculture. Salima Taibi PDF PDF Video
2.O4 Many small data can make a big database. The SensoBase story. Pascal Schlich, Caroline Peltier, Nadra Mammasse, Nicolas Pineau PDF PDF Video
Big Data round table – Chairman: Diego Kuonen (Statoo Consulting)
2.T1 Mark Wolff (SAS) PDF Video
2.T2 Christophe Sauce (Danone) PDF Video
2.T3 Discussion PDF Video
Session III: Sensometrics short paper poster/ slides video
3.IS Invited speaker: Hal MacFie (Hal McFie Sensory Training Ltd, UK) Sensometrics has got to move on! PDF Video
3.O1 Using partial bootstrap to evaluate the uncertainty associated with TCATA product trajectories. John C. Castura, Allison K. Baker, Carolyn F. Ross PDF PDF Video
3.O2 Les modèles d’Unfolding multidimensionnel pour l’analyse des préférences. Philippe Courcoux, Eric Teillet PDF PDF Video
3.O3 Causal reasoning applied to sensory analysis: the case of the Italian wine. Silvia Golia, Eugenio Brentari, Maurizio Carpita PDF PDF Video
3.O4 Extension of ComDim for the analysis of (K+1) datasets; application in sensometrics. Angelina El-Ghaziri, Véronique Cariou, Douglas Rutledge, El Mostafa Qannari PDF PDF Video
3.O5 Inter-panel diagnosis, a comparison of palatability answers obtained in expert, semi-expert and in-home cat panels. Laure Le Paih, Julien Rogues, Claire Forges, Christelle Tobie PDF
Sensometrics round table – Chairman: Hal McFie (Hal McFie Sensory Training Ltd, UK)
3.T1 Sensometrics at L’Oréal Research & Innovation: from gentle supporter to connected and innovated actor.Damien Brémaud PDF Video
3.T2 Discussion Video
Session IV: Risk& Process short paper poster/ slides video
4.IS Invited speaker: Richard Brereton (Bristol University, UK) The challenges of validating multivariate methods for pattern recognition PDF PDF Video
4.O1 Proof of safety for a new variety/ product relative to a common-used one for multiple endpoints. Ludwig Hothorn PDF PDF Video
4.O2 Quantification of water content in biscuit using near infrared hyperspectral imaging spectroscopy and Chemometrics. Eloïse Lancelot, Philippe Courcoux, Sylvie Chevallier, Alain Le-Bail, Benoît Jaillais PDF PDF Video
4.O3 How many data for « process capability »? Scott Hindle PDF PDF Video
4.O4 Comment les plans d’expériences contribuent au développement durable. Eva Bessac PDF PDF Video
Risk & Process round table – Chairman: Enrico Chavez (Nestlé)
4.T1 John O’Brien (Nestlé) PDF Video
4.T2 Sébastien Preys (Ondalys) PDF PDF Video
4.T3 Discussion Video
Poster presentations short paper poster/ slides video
Chemometrics posters
1.P1 Chemometric analysis of Near-Infrared spectra for determining molecular distribution of gelatin extracted from pork rinds. Simon Duthen, Adil Ouali Alami, Didier Kleiber, Frédéric Violleau, Christine Raynaud, Jean Dayde, Cécile Levasseur-Garcia PDF PDF Video
1.P2 Estimation of Chemical Composition of Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.) by Near-Infrared Transmittance Spectroscopy. Christian Encina-Zelada, Vasco Cadavez, Jorge Pereda, Luz Gómez-Pando, José A. Teixeira, Ursula Gonzales-Barron PDF PDF Video
1.P3 Modelling sensory property against instrumental measurements by PLS-Path Modeling:application to dairy products. Marine Masson, Anne Saint-Eve, Delphine Huc, David Blumenthal PDF PDF Video
1.P4 Proposal of statistical procedure to relate aroma chemistry data to aroma sensory data. Marie Auda, Nicolas Pineau, Andréas Rytz, Frederic Mestdagh, Luigi Poisson PDF PDF
1.P5 Development of goji berries in brewing : comparisons between analytical data and sensory. Julien Ducruet, Pierrick Rébénaque, Serge Diserens, Agnieszka Kosinska Cagnazzo, Isabelle Héritier, Wilfried Andlauer PDF PDF
Big Data posters
2.P1 A formal approach for the representation and the combination of imperfect data. Jérôme Dantan, Yann Pollet, Salima Taibi PDF PDF Video
2.P2 Nestlé’s state-of-the-art technologies to keep Food Safe and improve global Public Health. Catherine Ngom-Bru, Caroline Barretto PDF PDF Video
Sensometrics posters
3.P1 Kinetics of consumption, an innovative tool to measure cat food palatability and satiety. Julien Rogues, Laure Le Paih, Claire Forges PDF
3.P3 Replicates in sensory profiling, One vs. two assessments. Mireille Moser, Mélissa Lepage, Nicolas Pineau, Andréas Rytz PDF PDF Video
3.P4 Proposal for addressing parameter effect significance in a factorial design of experiment with sensory data. Mireille Moser, Thorn Thaler, Nicolas Pineau, Andreas Rytz PDF PDF Video
3.P5 Product’s sensory characterization and study of preference using paired comparison approach. Lucile Riaboff, Thibault Schneider PDF PDF Video
3.P6 An alternative to preference mapping: Regression trees and Random forests. Application to preferences for ciders. Léa Koenig, Adèle Lepetit, Ronan Symoneaux, Philippe Courcoux PDF PDF Video
3.P7 Recursive partitioning methods for identifying relevant variables in a sparse unbalanced data set. Orlane Briand, Ivanne Debec, Arnaud Montet, Lorraine de Malleray, Evelyne Vigneau PDF PDF Video
3.P8 Use of symbolic principal component analysis to account for imprecision within the sensory map of products. Cynthia Cordier, Claire Grandière, Cécile Coulon-Leroy, Véronique Cariou PDF PDF
Risk& Process posters
4.P1 Risques et procédés chez Nespresso : l’appui des statistiques. Marc Moal, Julien Viquerat, Robert Collis PDF PDF Video
4.P2 Heat resistance of Escherichia coli O104:H4 in ground chicken as affected by pomegranate powder (70% ellagic acid). Vasco Cadavez, Ursula Gonzales-Barron, Vijay J. Juneja PDF PDF Video
4.P3 Prediction of dosing behavior based on powder properties using Lasso regression and Monte-Carlo techniques. Jean-Vincent Le Bé, Sophie Berçot, Isabelle Castella, Vincent Girard, Marie Perrot PDF PDF Video
corneR posters short paper poster/ slides video
R.1 Monitoring sensory panel performances with the MAMCAP R-package. Caroline Peltier, Michel Visalli, Pascal Schlich PDF PDF Video
R.2 Mapping products with the CVA R-package. Caroline Peltier, Michel Visalli, Pascal Schlich PDF PDF Video
R.3 ClustVarLV : an R package for the clustering of variables around latent variables. Evelyne Vigneau PDF PDF Video
R.4 FreeSortR : a R package for the analysis of free sorting data. Philippe Courcoux PDF PDF Video
R.5 MatrixCorrelation: an R package for assessing and exploring the similarity between data sets. Kristian Hovde Liland, Tormod Næs, Ulf Geir Indahl PDF PDF Video
R.6 CompR : R package for uni or multivariate preference data analysis using paired comparison model. Michel Séménou PDF PDF Video
R.7 tempR: Temporal sensory data analysis. John C. Castura PDF PDF Video
Closure presentation video
Nicolas Pineau & Sébastien Marque Video