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SensoStat was created in 2012 by two internationally known researchers in order to offer their proven expertise in statistical and sensory science. Its main areas are Services (Consumer tests & sensory analysis with novel methodologies) and advanced statistical analyses. Our values are:

  • Expertise: scientific breakthroughs
  • Mobility: worldwide
  • Creativity: the best way to save time and money
  • Rigor: high quality for outstanding reliability
  • Dynamism: small team of experts for a maximum of reactivity
  • Tailored service: every client’s need is different

SensoStat provides all or part of your sensory and consumers tests: recruitment and panelists training, performances analysis, protocol preparation, organization and realization of test sessions, statistical analyses. We also provide deep statistical expertise to meet your objectives. SensoStat is located in France, in the Center for Taste and Feeding Behavior and works also with worldwide partners.

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