Detailed program

Detailed program of the three days is now available. The four main topics addressed during this conference are listed below, each of them being respectively introduced by an invited speaker:

  • Sensometrics , and how to develop pleasurable products
    • Invited speaker: Hal McFie (Hal McFie Sensory Training Ltd, UK). Topic: Sensometrics has got to move on!
  • Risk & Process , and how to produce safe & consistent products
    • Invited speaker: Richard Brereton (Bristol University, UK). Topic: The challenges of validating multivariate methods for pattern recognition
  • Chemometrics , and how to discover underlying product mechanisms
    • Invited speaker: Vincenzo Esposito Vinzi (ESSEC, France). Topic: Predictive and Causal Relationships – Need for Predictive Path Modeling and Probabilistic Networks for Multi-Block Data Analysis
  • Big Data , and how to collect, integrate & relate product data
    • Invited speaker: Karl Aberer (EPFL, Switzerland). Topic: Harnessing Human Intelligence for Big Data Analytics

Other program elements:

  • Three round tables to debate among scientists around several topics. For each of them, two speakers will first introduce the topic, each through a 15 minutes presentation, before opening the floor to questions and comments for 30 minutes.
  • A corneR for posters on R packages. People who would like to shortly present a package they are used to use or they built are invited to submit an abstract under the section “corneR”. This presentation will have to be delivered as a poster and will be presented as a very short speech (2 minutes) to tease the audience and encourage people to come and see the poster. All posters from the corneR will be located at the same place and material will be available for demo.
  • Poster teaser sessions (2 minutes speech with a unique slide) to get a flavor of poster presentation.