XLSTAT is a statistics and data analysis software. XLSTAT is user-friendly, complete and performant while remaining affordable.

XLSTAT works as an add-on to MS Excel (PC & Mac) and as such, lets the user analyze data directly in Excel. Results are also displayed in Excel spreadsheets, making it possible for the user to customize them as much as needed by manipulating Excel features.

Several solutions are available:

The XLSTAT-Base solution includes 100+ essential basic and advanced methods common to all fields that use statistics (statistical tests and modeling, clustering methods, data mining and machine learning). This solution also features tools specifically used in chemometrics to analyze horizontal tables (Partial Least Square regression and Discriminant Analysis).

The XLSTAT-Sensory solution includes features specific to sensory data analysis (Preference mapping, CATA data analysis, Panel Analysis, General Procrustes Analysis, Multiple Factor Analysis, TURF analysis…) in addition to all of the XLSTAT-Base features.

The XLSTAT-Marketing solution is an enhanced version of XLSTAT-Sensory that encompasses all of the XLSTAT-Sensory features in addition to conjoint analysis, partial least square path modeling as well as Monte Carlo simulations that are very useful for risk analysis.

If allowed to, XLSTAT is able to take advantage of all the processors in the computer, thus making computations run very fast even on large data volumes. XLSTAT is currently challenging BigData intensive computation problems by letting computations run on the NVIDIA GPUs if available.

A free 30 day trial version including all of the 200+ XLSTAT features is available for download online.