NEWS: The deadline for abstract submission is extended to November 22nd

      In the frame of the four topics covered by AgroStat 2016, communications can be on applications (solving of a concrete problem thanks to statistical techniques), or on methodologies (new ways of data analyses). Submission process:

Submission of communications : Oral presentations or posters

      Communications can be either oral presentations or posters. Communication for the corneR will be under poster format. Participants who wish to present an oral presentation or a poster must submit using this link (MyReview system)

          . This requires first a registration on MyReview system. Submission must contain:

        • a title
        • an abstract (maximum 400 words)
        • the topic (Sensometrics, Risk and Process, Chemometrics, Big Data or corneR)
        • the author(s)
        • if the author belongs to the scientific committee
        • the preferred format (oral presentation or poster, except for corneR, where only the poster format is possible)
        • In case of issue when using this system, you can contact us here

          Deadline: November 10, 2015

      Acceptance of communications

          Proposed communications will be reviewed by the scientific committee. Decision of acceptance for an oral or poster presentation (based on the abstract) will be notified by January 15, 2016.

      Sending 2-6 pages

      Oral presentations AND posters
      In case your communication has been accepted for an oral presentation (during the sessions, and also during the round tables, as well as for the invited speakers), or in case your communication has been accepted for a poster, you will be invited to write a 2-6 page paper (including illustrations), following the below template.

      Accepted format is PDF. Thanks to send it before 1 Mars 2016 to

      Access to communications

          More details will be communicated in due time.

      Preparation of the communications during AgroStat 2016

      Oral presentations

        • Support material for oral presentation must be in English
        • Speakers are encouraged to speak in English so that non-french speaking people can also understand most of the oral presentations. French is still allowed
        • Oral presentations during sessions will last 20 minutes: 15 minutes for the presentation + 5 minutes for questions
        • Oral presentations during the round tables will last 15 minutes


      • Posters must be written in English
      • Poster format is A0 (vertical/portrait format)
      • All the posters will have the opportunity to be presented through a 2 minutes speech, using a unique slide.